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Technological partners

We have chosen to develop all of our solutions using technology from the world of free software. The idea of freedom is very important for us and it allows you:

  • to execute the program, whatever the use
  • to study how the program works and adapt it to specific needs
  • to redistribute copies,
  • to better the program and broadcast your improvements to let the whole community benefit from it.

Open-source software packages:

Basic open-source bricks:


Among the advantages of using freeware (having licenses for general use) in commerical software packages, we would like to underline:

  • the cost of licenses
  • standardization and interoperability
  • stability 
  • a worldwide community ensuring the development and maintenance of this type of software.

Through our developments, Noteka contributes to the enrichment of collective knowledge: the modifications that we make for our clients on freeware are then reintroduced to the community.

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