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What does Noteka mean?
It is an acronym - an inventive one ;-) - from the French "NOuvelles TEK(ch)nologies Applicatives" (New Technology for Application software).
The campany name is a registered trademark and it reflects our strategy: using the best technologies available to carry out our mission. 

Who are we?
Noteka is a limited responsibility company registered in the Paris commerce directory. All the information about the company is available online.

What is Noteka's mission?
Noteka is committed to animating virtual communities on the internet. We work with three lines of products, all availble in ASP mode:

  • E-Community, community portal service for associations, learning institutions, small enterprises, including a quarterly subscription, a community animation web service (students, alumni, adherents, clients and/or employees) as well as webhosting, maintenance and operation. 
  • E-CRM is intended for very small or small enterprises and allows them to access all their company information (client database, shred files, project monitoring) at any time and from any computer connected to internet (home, hotel, partners). This product is available in ASP mode (leased hosting) or "Appliance mode" (box installed at our client's worksite).
  • E-Commerce, creation of an online shop which allows the development and hosting of complex websites (electronic payments, interfacing with engines, management of stocks, etc.)
  • E-Desktop, your virtual desktop accessible via the web at any time and from any computer, all with complete protection. 

Our products can be installed in your offices on a special server: don't hesitate to contact us.

Why choose Noteka?
Because Noteka has the will to accompany its clients and partners throughout their growth and evolution, using proven services for information sharing and network animation: combining the best internet technologies with an innovative approach for putting the software to work, Noteka allows you to focus on your job while benefiting from a well-reputed brand image.

Do Noteka's software packages go along with my choice of graphics? 
The following software packages can be graphically adapted to meet your needs:

To purchase your graphic production package, please consult our online catalogue.

Of course, a complex adaptation and/or adding specific modules to your activity can require complimentary services, billed separately: don't hesitate to contact us to tell us your needs.

Do I need to buy any material to install the software packages your offer? 
No! Noteka installs, sets up and operates the service using its own systems connected to internet with a protected and high-speed connection. There is therefore no need for you to invest in costly servers and software. 

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