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Referencing is a necessary element for an E-commerce shop: if it isn't properly done, web surfers will not be able to find your site when using search engines and web directories. 

This is why this point requires special attention, for it can be difficult to be successful. Millions of internet sites attempt to be in first position when a search is made by potential clients.

What are the advantages of referencing?

  • Increasing visibility of your website
  • Generating new visits and new contacts in the aim of creating new clients
  • Reaching the targeted audience concerned by your site's contents
  • Being present on sites most used by web users.

How should you reference your site?
Referencing is a long and complex process involving several steps and constant attention. It is important to remember tht your site will be visited periodically by search engines that will analyse it. That's why it's important to update all the information on your site on a regular basis.  

The main phases of the process are:

  • Content analysis of your site to determine the most representative terms and themes 
  • Optimization of the information present is the Meta markers, such as the page title, a description of contents, characteristic keywords, etc. The presence of text is essential for search engines
  • Submitting your site to search engines and web directories with adequate headings for the site contents
  • Make regular check-ups as to the presence and position of your site in directories and search engines
  • Updating your information to maintant your position in search tools

Take a look at our online catalogue to activate the referencing tool for your shop in only a few minutes


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