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The OScommerce shop is designed like a web portal. Web surfers can safely purchse items on the web using a simple internet navigator. Several modules are included to simplify internet purchases and managing accounts:  
  • Catalogue for unlimited articles covering various fields 
    OScommerce allows you to manage a complete online catalogue and to classify objects into categories, sub-categories  etc. Each article is referenced with its price, name, description, user opinion, quanity available in stock, reference number, and date of availability. It is possible to type in and change the description of a product using an HTML editor (wysiwyg). OScommerce comes with an internal search engine with index which allows you to search the shop's catalogue by keywords or multi criteria.
  • My purchase basket
    Your online shop manages the chosen articles using a virtual electronic purchase basket. They can at any time add or remove articles from their basket, save its contents for a future session or come back to pay later.
  • Client account
    Before paying, web clients must log in using their name and password chosen when they created their account. This information gives them access to their personal space where they can place orders, access their client history, modify their personal information, subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter.
    This space may also be protected by an SSL key (an option that we can activate for you), which guarantees protection of all data exchange between the customer and the store.

  • Multilingual version Your shop is autmatically available in French, English and Spanish. Other languages can be added at your request.
  • Design of your shop The shop is automaticlly delivered with a standard design. You may then modify the layout yourself or ask us to make up a graphic chart specially for your site using your own mesurements.

Available options:

Get connected to Noteka Community Portal and to Noteka CRM
At your request, we make your electronic shop work together with the electronic tool for community animation that we offer. Imagine the new applications!

Example: a company selling articles from a cinema can unite a communirty of amateurs with E-Community, sell its products with E-Commerce and monitor commerical activities with E-CRM.

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