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OScommerce manages the complete catalogue of your articles online and classifies them by category, sub-category, etc. Each article is referenced as you wish (price, name, description, photos, quantity, date of availibility...), which allows posting it in several categories.

You are in charge of the product list in only a few clicks.

Each category can be entered with a description. It is possible to make a category disappear entirely during a given period, depending on your needs.

·         Characteristics and product options, in the form of a list which can be attached to each product, detailing available colors, sizes, various prices according to the models, etc.

·         Posting special offers and discounts, to learn about current special deals,

·         Stocks, managed by OScommerce,

·         Foreign Currency Management, posting prices in several currencies,

·         Alert system, to tell you about newcomers to your shop and events,

·         Cross selling:  your shop automatically offers others products for sale

·         User groups, which allow price posting according to a particular group, individuals, professionals, partners or other 

·         Downlaodable products, allows delivery of a product by downloading it

·         HTML wysiwyg editor, to enter and format the articles for sale

·         Newsletter, broadcasts information about one or several products

·         Dynamic association of different products, to show web visitors other articles that go with the one they have just chosen, to faciliate their search

·         Saving preferences, at the end of the ordering process 

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