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e-commerce : management
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OScommerce allows complete management of all commerical activity to be done online, wherever you are in the world.

You have a large selection of sub-modules to show you the trends, movements, and all necessary aspects to manage a company:

  • Interface catalogue, to create your sales catalogue,
  • Management of orders, detailed monitoring of orders in progress, publishing order stubs per client and per product, with possibility to modify its contents,
  • Article and data extraction and importation,  from a database to a text or Excel formt, and vice versa,
  • Exportation of transactions to your accounting software,
  • Banner management, posting advertizements on your site,
  • Publipostage, creating personalized emails for your clients, notably a newsletter,
  • Stock management, with an alert message if the chosen product is no longer available,
  • Client management, information, history of past orders,
  • Management of orders online, monitoring and modifying orders in progress,
  • Management of special offers, including discounts, on all shop products.
  • Management of shipping fees, by weight, price, contents, delivery address, etc.,
  • Management of payment options, depending on the ones you have chosen,
  • Management of taxes by zone and by country to be applied, according to country or type of product,
  • Performance indicators, presenting the activity of your site, most frequently consulted or purchased products, biggest clients,
  • Security, protected SSL access (optional).
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