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e-community : customer testimonies
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Our customers are best placed to talk about our solutions! you will find below an extract of our references, with concrete feedback from our customers about our E-community web service.

If you want more information about our services or references, please call us at the following number: +33 1 75 43 10 70.

Beatrice VENDEAUD, Director of Partnerships and Alumni Network - ISEG We already had a website for our association, but we wanted a real Community web portal incorporating all the features necessary to our users and the management team in charge of the alumni network.

Thanks to the web service E-Community, we have now a brand new web platform that encourages interactivity and greatly enhances our effectiveness.

For example, alumni can create and advertise events directly online or propose job ads. Centralized management of the database provides real flexibility of operation, even if managers are located everywhere in France.

Throughout the project Noteka has understood our needs and made this change a success. As E-community provided already most of the functionality we needed, our new web tool was delivered in less than a month despite taking into account all our specific needs! 
Beatrice VENDEAUD, Director of Partnerships and Alumni Network - ISEG
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Web :

  The animation of networks of researchers is a strategic goal for the CRF laboratory: with Noteka E-community service, we chose a comprehensive web-based tool, professional, friendly and reliable.

Noteka perfectly understood our needs, while integrating with success in the complex context of the CNAM.

We were impressed by the professionalism of the team, regardless of the phases of the project: studies, implementation, support and guidance.

Marie-Laure VITALI
Member of CRF/MRPP Laboratory
Email :
Web :

Hubert TRYER, Director, Ecole de l'Air Alumni association Our main objective was to provide our alumni, our staff and our partners an Internet portal that reflects our reputation and offers a comprehensive set of animation tools, management and communication.

In addition to have fully responded to our specifications, the project team has managed perfectly to interface Noteka E-Community our legacy management tool allowing asynchronous replication of datas in both ways.

Despite its high number of features, E-community at any time remains simple to use: it is used every day by the team permanent, which has no computer skills.

Noteka is a trusted partner for our associatin and we regularly call for advice or improvements. 
Hubert TRYER, Director
Ecole de l'Air Alumni association
Email :
Web :

Patrick BERGOUGNOU, President de T&M Alumni T & M Alumni Alumni selected Noteka E-community because it presents all the qualities required to effectively manage our network of more than 8,000 former students, divided into several schools and options: comprehensive address book with advanced management, Careers management (CV, Jobs, personalized push email), e-commerce, events management, complete autonomy in updating our website (data management and content), etc..

Very well received by our alumni and our staff, E - community makes us great service since it came online: it is the only system of management and communication of our association.

What are the best qualities of Noteka E-community ? an excellent follow-up,  a good and responsive customer technical support, a very good value for money and a team of professionals perfectly aware of our specific business.
Patrick BERGOUGNOU, President
Email :
Web :

Cedric MANHES, Président des Centraliens de Lyon RThe redesign of our web services aimed to merge into a unique tool multiple databases and various software used previously by the association : an Access application developed in-house, a web portal based SPIP, Listserv mailing lists, a mass emailling module and a third party for email for life service.

We wanted to have a scalable web portal, offering advanced features while remaining easy to use for users and had the desire to rely on a partner reliable with a good knowledge of our business in a the long term relationship.

Noteka's mission was successful with its offer E-community! not only all our tools have been merged into one, but all data have been migrated successfully and we have now additional features (tribes, content management, statistics, etc.). not mentioned in our specifications but present in E-community.

We also appreciated the professionalism of the team, its ability to quickly integrate our constraints and the relationship partnership quickly established: the quality of advices, the meaning of listening, coaching, and support has been Noteka were (and still are) very much appreciated.
Cédric MANHES, President
Centrale Lyon Alumni association
Email :
Web :

Bernard VITTRANT Centrale-Carrières is a career service common to Associations des Centraliens de Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Nantes. It contains more than 40 000 alumni and   recruiters and proposes a wide range of services: job announcements, targeted CV database, email alerts, common address book...

This web portal is strategic for us: all our services for alumni and recruiters are eb based and our electronic activity relies on the availability and the efficiency of our IS, in a technical complex (several directories to synchronize, Policy Management Safety data for each association, totally Bilingual french / english, single-logon, etc.).

Noteka was able to respond successfully to this challenge by offering us proven solution E-community. We have first been attracted by its functionality, its ability to adapt to our business and its quality / price performance, then the project forward have been convinced by the professionalism and listening to Noteka team.

In delivering this project, we were pleased to see that - despite the evolution of our needs and constraints - the time and cost originally announced were met. 
Bernard VITTRANT, President
Centrale Marseille Alumni association
Email :
Web :

Fabien GRENECHE, Gérant de ALEOU When we selected Noteka to realize our online reservation system, we were aware of needing a real professional of web technologies in order to carry out this  complex project (electronic organization of events, e-commerce, multiple payment, white pages, EAI , data synchronization with other applications, ergonomics and design very specific).

We were very happy of the result! whether in the definition phase of our needs, implementation of the portal or maintenance and accommodation, Noteka team has been the subject of a rigor and we received a web portal perfectly consistent with our expectations.

We are fully satisfied with their services and regularly use them for improvement.
Fabien GRENECHE, Manager
Email :
Web :

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