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E-community evolves regularly to fill our customers needs. The evolutions are published below without any commitment on our part.

E-community v4.4 Availability : July 2009
  - UTF-8 management
- design management : some specific templates configurable(lists, forms)
- new form open to member dedicated to tribu creation
- rss feed concerning tribu activities
- subscribtion to mailing list with tribu activities summary
- add attachment files to emailings
- VTA management for each item in catalog
- delivery charges management

E-community v4.1  Availability: March 2009
  - giving access to one's bookmarks
- full text search engine within modules content
- history of personal emails sent via site (through contact form)

E-community v4.0  Availability : December 2008
  - design management : images,  icons and style sheet
- native cache for better performance

E-community v3.9 Availability : October 2008
  - role assignments to configurable groups in order to administrate any module
- subscribtion to mailing lists reported (names and emails)
- mailing list errors reported
- mailing list archives configurable
- widgets in home pages are configurable with different sources from module contents
- message of the day on home page
- emailings configured through module can be duplicated for re-use

E-community v3.7 Availability: June 2008
  - new online poll module with pages' management, configurable questions by type (check boxes, multiple radio buttons, free answers, matrix based answer), extractions et statistics
- new  "articles" modules with navigation through categories configured by site webmaster

E-community v3.4 Availability : March 2008
  - new headlines modules, last modified html files
- duplicate curriculum
- transactions summary emailed everyday to configured email
- paiement receipts are accessible to anonymous through encrypted url

E-community v3.3 Availability : november  2007
  - new “tribes”
- improvement of the events module
- enhanced search in the directory
- Apec XLS import
- export of base SQL for local treatment
- catalogue reserved access
- automatic states

E-community v3.2 Availability: August 2007
  - cartography of the contacts directory
- new features in forums
- advanced mass mailing
- minis-CRM,
- Web 2.0 comments and notation
- possibility of modifying the menus completely
- posting of the “wanted” or “lost of sight”

E-community v3.1 Availability : June 2007
  - dynamic groups
- form moderated to propose employment, news, notebook,…
- professional card: to manage date_modif specific
- personal card: to manage date_modif specific
- message of the day,
- keep in touch relation system

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