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e-community : management
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This module gives you complete management of rights and privileges of each user, by class or by group, as well access problems (passwords, verification of access authorization, management of cookies, …)
It generates help pop-ups and ones to help fill out forms, which considerably simplifies typing.
Moreover, this module allows you to measure surfer and community member interests, through connection journals from the following points:
  • Visited pages, visits, time spent on each page,
  • the path followed,
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports with trends,
  • Information about the machine used by the surfer,
  • Information about the search engines,
  • Recording of all connection/disconnection activity and all modification activities.
It creates performnce indicators in HTML or Excel format to faciliate management and has a simple design (2 clicks for basic functions) and is especially adaptable according to your requirements.
The Tools available to you:
  • Dynamique management of broadcast lists and online archiving,
  • Advertizing management,
  • Press space (for press releases),
  • Contributions (several types of sums and lengths, automatic disactivation, complete journal, management of couples and retirements),
  • Automatic event calendar, and archiving of all events and news published on the portal,
  • Directory management forms (webmaster access, personal file, Excel data retrieval, online research).
  • Workflow of electronic transaction management and contributions
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