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e-community : web community mangement system
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 What is a community portal?

This is a tool that allows you to collect and publish information for a group of people who share common interests.

Our tool is organized in modules, which allows greater suppleness and adaptability for daily use. It works according to your needs.

The modules can be added, or deleted, to the base portal as your "Community" changes and develops. They have similar designs to faciliate use and training.

It is available by three-month subscriptions, which means:

  • weak start-up costs and a website made available in the shortest delays,
  • costs known in advance, with no bad surprises
  • Noteka's commitment to remain with you through time.

Our software package allows you to carry out recurrent tasks:

  • Secured Management of the network directory (updates, publication, use…)
  • Activities (forum, broadcast lists, schedule, organization of events,...)
  • Relations with the professionl world (publishing employment offers, member services, profile highlighting, partnerships to supply automatically the database for employment)
  • Back-office (databases, contributions, extractions, online payment,…)
  • Making added value services (online payment, legal advice, coaching with our partners)

Its use involves no training and it can be personalized according to your guidelines.

Your community portal is online in less than 5 minutes, completely protected!
Noteka gives you the chance to create your E-Community environment in only a few minutes, directly online.

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