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e-desktop : web virtual desktop
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Free at last!

Work as you wish and wherever you are with the Virtual Noteka Desktop, reliable and user-friendly groupware, with a simple subscription per user.

Our virtual desktop is 100% compatible with Microsoft©, a PDA/SyncML connector will allow you to synchronize your schedules, contacts, etc. and you also have the possibility to set up and adjust the various user accounts yourself as well as the level of security for each one. This is a true collaborative tool and offers several functions such as:

  • shared schedules,
  • contact manager,
  • task manager,
  • projects and resource manager,
  • forums and managing knowledge bases
  • general bulletin board,
  • workflow engine.

All of these modules contain specific access levels: they can be private, shared or viewed by certin users or groups

  • via an Internet navigator: simple, 100% access to Groupware modules,
  • via an email program (particularly Outlook): this solution gives access to the four main modules (e-mail, contacts, schedule and tasks) and also gives the mobile user the advantage of being able to check his/her information without being connected (the data are synchronized locally),
  • via a PDA like Palm, Symbian or Windows Mobile.
"ASP" mode Noteka has decided to offer ASP (Application Software Provider) for Virtual Desktop to fulfil the needs of our clients to increase profit and reduce costs:
  • You may use your application at any time, wherever you are,
  • Reduce purchaseand maintenance costs,
  • You neither buy nor maintain costly computer software,
  • You have greater freedom for deployment and training,
  • You always have the most recent version of the application
  • All your information is protected
Your virtual Desktop is online in less than 5 minutes, completely protected!
Noteka offers you the opportunity to creat your E-office environment directly online in only a few minutes.
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